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WJETT Blog Contributions

Interested in documenting your processes and experiences as a Teacher-researcher?

Why not then contribute towards the WJETT (Warwick Journal of Education – Transforming Teaching) blog? In June 2017, the Warwick Centre for Teacher Education (CTE) launched a new journal for teachers, researchers, and academics: The Warwick Journal of Education – Transforming Teaching (WJETT):

“Our new journal is aimed at an audience of teachers and school leaders with a view to bridging the gap between academic researchers and practitioners at the chalk-face. It aims to deliver innovative and creative teaching, alongside intellectual discussion on a range of educational issues – all in an accessible fashion that we hope will be thought-provoking for the practising teacher" - John Thornby (Editor-in-Chief of WJETT)

Previous WJETT blog entries can be viewed hereLink opens in a new window.

Aims and scope

The Warwick Journal of Education – Transforming Teaching aims to bring together educational research and practice in order to explore innovative, creative and evidence-informed pedagogies. It seeks to publish scholarly work that critically examines the values, theories, approaches and practices of education and in ways which remain accessible to a non-academic audience. WJETT offers a platform for the dissemination of good practice, offering opportunities for teachers and senior leaders to share their work, to document their investigations into teaching, learning and assessment, and to critically reflect upon their practice and identity as educators.

The term “teaching” is taken in its broadest sense, encompassing a variety of contexts, roles and practices. Education occurs not only in schools, colleges and universities, but also nurseries, workplaces, pupil referral units, faith organisations and professional and subject associations. It is created and developed by diverse communities of teachers, teaching assistants, lecturers, lab technicians, librarians, mentors and students. As such, WJETT invites contributions from all those working within any sector of education and from all educational communities.

We encourage methodological diversity, and welcome submissions from all disciplines, research traditions, and perspectives. This includes (but is not limited to) practitioner research; large-scale, whole-school or institutional initiatives; case studies; critical reflections, as well as issues relating to educational leadership, professional development and teacher education.

WJETT focuses upon transforming teaching, and contributions should clearly identify an aspect of transformation, either by evidencing positive change, exploring the processes of change, or viewing transformation of practice through a theoretical, critical or reflective lens.

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