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Subject Knowledge Enhancement



A Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) programme is ideal for applicants who may not have enough specific subject knowledge to begin their chosen PGCE. It is designed to help you gain in-depth knowledge needed to train in your chosen subject of Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, Languages, Mathematics or Physics. Ensure you state in your UCAS application that you are interested in doing an SKE.

Who can apply?

You may apply for an SKE if you do not have enough specific knowledge to begin a subject specialism PGCE course. The reason for this may be because:
  • You have studied a subject to a highly advanced level, but over time you may have lost some of the basics needed to teach at secondary level
  • You have studied a degree which is related to the subject, rather than an exact match
  • You have recently graduated and studied a degree not related to the subject but have a related A-Level
  • You have decided in a career change and may have an unrelated degree, but with a lot of related knowledge including an A-Level
  • You have a language degree, but need a second language at an acceptable level for the schools market

Who offers SKEs?

The University of Warwick does not deliver SKE programmes, therefore applicants will need to approach other suppliers. The University of Warwick can only accept SKE providers who are already involved in Initial Teacher
Training (ITT), a list of which is available here. Please note you are unable to use any provider outside of this list.


A SKE programme can vary from an eight week refresher or booster programme through to a 28 week programme, depending on the subject knowledge required and the providing institution.

Ideally this will be fully completed before you join the PGCE course. Occasionally trainees may have an overlap with the PGCE course - to do this we will need to ensure that you are capable of the additional workload. The maximum overlap that we would allow would be until the end of the Autumn Term.

Please note that you will have to provide evidence of successfully completing your SKE course before the end of your University of Warwick PGCE in order to be eligible for the award of PGCE and recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

When to apply for SKEs?

If you are recommended a SKE course, you must enrol upon it as soon as possible. You will then need to provide evidence of the enrolment on an appropriate SKE programme to meet your condition of offer for the PGCE course. You could undertake part of your SKE programme in parallel with your PGCE, but failure to successfully complete your SKE programme could result in not meeting Teaching Standard 3 (Subject Knowledge) which could endanger your Final Assessment, thereby not gaining PGCE with QTS.

You will be advised on the length of SKE you will need to take in interview. We strongly recommend that you enrol on the SKE course as soon as possible, to allow you to complete as much of your SKE as possible before starting the PGCE. In order to ensure that you are not at a disadvantage, if a delay in enrolling on the SKE results in the course finishing after the end of the Autumn Term, you may not be able to continue onto the PGCE course that year.


Trainees may get funding to cover the cost of a SKE course and may be eligible for a tax-free SKE training bursary up to £5,600 (depending on the course length). For more information please visit .Gov pages here.

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