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Which Age Group Should I Teach?

Teaching is challenging, of course, but you know you are having a positive impact on some students' lives and that makes everything worth it. ANONYMOUS TEACHER outstanding_colour_iteprimary.jpg outstanding_colour_itesecondary.jpg

Teacher training at the University of Warwick is separated across the educational range, as each age group requires various skills and knowledge. Gaining experience across a variety of classes will help you decide which age range you are interested in and would be best suited to.

0-5 years - Early Years Initial Teacher Training

Key characteristics of an early years setting:

  • Engaged in active and independent learning
  • Creating and thinking critically
  • Developing a personal identity.

Skills required for teaching 0-5 years:

  • Develop interpersonal relationships

  • Create a stimulating and safe learning environment

  • Work well as part of a team

  • Quickly adapt to change

  • Critically reflect on learning and teaching.

3-7 years - PGCE Early Years

"By far the best thing about teaching Early Years are the incredible relationships you develop with the children. You become a school parent, guiding, supporting, encouraging and teaching. The early years are so much about personal and social development that the children need you. Always remember that the first five years are the most important."

Camilla, Early Years Teacher

Key characteristics of an early years setting:

  • Playing and exploring
  • Engaged in active learning
  • Creating and thinking critically.

Skills required for teaching 3-7 years:

  • Develop warm relationships
  • Create an exciting learning environment

  • Work well as part of a team
  • Quickly adapt to change
  • Critically reflect on learning and teaching.

5-11 years - PGCE Primary

"I love how they're a bit older so you can have an 'adult' conversations with them. Our class discussions and debates are some of my favourite lessons to teach."

Jo, Year 5 Teacher

You will see children:

  • Actively participating in engaging and motivating lessons
  • Being given the opportunity to be creative and make informed choices about their learning
  • Working collaboratively and supportively to achieve success
  • Asking questions and learning from their mistakes.

Skills required for teaching 5-11 years:

  • Create a positive and stimulating learning environment to promote a love for learning
  • Challenge and inspire pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding

  • Develop effective relationships to enable the fostering of learning behaviours and social skills
  • Critically reflect on teaching and learning to develop practice.

11-18 years - PGCE Secondary

"Being involved with students in some of the most formative and future-forming times of their lives is amazing. There is nothing quite like that moment when you all just bond and they trust you and you feel like you are all pushing forward together to give them the best possible start to their future. In Secondary, you are often the first proper adults they get to bounce ideas off outside of their own family when they are trying to figure out who they are and what they think."

Gemma, Secondary Teacher

You will see learners:

  • Engaging in active and independent learning

  • Developing their subject knowledge and understanding

  • Growing into young adults

  • Enjoying extra- curricular activities.

Skills required for teaching 11-18 years:

As a Secondary teacher, you will demonstrate an ability to:
  • Be knowledgeable about the subjects you teach
  • Inspire trust and confidence

  • Work cooperatively and communicate effectively with other teachers, support staff and parents
  • Motivate students to learn
  • Create a stimulating and safe learning environment
  • Challenge and enable all students to reach their potential
  • Recognise and respond to individual and cultural differences in students

  • Be creative and flexible.



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