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Padlet is essentially an online pinboard that allows users to 'stick' comments onto it or to share audio, video and text-based files on it. In most cases you will be asked to add comments or content to Padlets that have been created by CTE staff to answer specific questions. Warwick has a site licence for Padlet which is available for both staff and students to use via their Warwick email account. For further information please see: opens in a new window

If you have been asked to add your comments to an existing Padlet you will be given a link such as the one below to access it: opens in a new window

To add a comment to a Padlet simply click on the pink plus button at the bottom right of the screen or double click anywhere on the page. Add a title to your comment by clicking where it says Title and add the body of your comment by clicking where it says Write something... You can also add other content by clicking the relevant icon (from left to right Upload, Link, Google, Snap and More).

Padlet comment interface

To upload a file click on the Upload button (the icon with the underlined arrow). A Files pane will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Click on the pink Pick file button to choose the relevant file or drag and drop a file from your computer onto the Files pane.

Padlet upload file interface