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What is the data collection process?

The data collection process is concerned with what staff do in relation to the distribution of printed copyright content to students.

What do I need to report?

Copyright content (e.g. extracts of books, journals or magazines) transcribed or copied and pasted from a hard copy publication or online source that you have used in your lectures/seminars with supporting printed handouts.

NB: If you only provide a copy of the material in Moodle for the students to download, you do not need to complete a submission.

What type of ‘online source’ does this include?

You do not need to submit material that is ‘born’ digital providing you keep it in its digital form. If you add a PDF document to Moodle, you do not need to complete a submission. If you use online material in a presentation and share it via Moodle (rather than printing it) you do not need to complete a submission. However, if you subsequently download, copy and physically distribute that material from Moodle (or the CTE website) then it will be classed as a hard copy publication and you will need to make a submission.

How do I make a submission?

Provide a paper copy of the relevant slide(s) containing the transcribed or copied and pasted content or a copy of the front sheet of the journal article with ISBN/barcode. Attach a completed sticky label to it and post it into the yellow collection box by the photocopier.