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Thinking About Becoming a Teacher

Top reasons why you should consider teaching as a career

1. Inspire others

Most people can remember an inspiring teacher, and that is because teaching can transform lives. Through your motivation and enthusiasm, you can cultivate a desire to learn and be the person who can instigate a lifelong passion for a subject. Read some teachers' memorable moments here.

Teacher with class

2. Making a difference

A good teacher nurtures creativity, discovery and helps develop inquiring minds. Every day at work is valuable, as you are having a positive impact on the future generation. You are helping them to develop skills and attributes that will lead them through their education and into promising careers. Why not watch some great teachers in action here.

3. Be creative

Although teachers have a curriculum to follow, the ability to decide on what is taught on a daily basis and how this is taught is up to the teacher. Teaching allows you to be creative as you need to capture the imagination of your students so they can fully learn in varied ways.

4. Have fun

Young people can be challenging, stimulating and entertaining so educating them can be great fun. No two days in teaching are the same – you will learn and engage with your students in new and exciting ways. Each day can bring different challenges, new responses and varied experiences.

5. Experience fulfilment

Being fulfiled in your career gives you as deep sense of pride and satisfaction. As a teacher, you have a strong sense of purpose and responsibility that motivates you to do your best for your students, even when it gets challenging. When you see a student have a “light-bulb moment” - where they finally grasp an understanding of something, because of your efforts - you know it’s all been worthwhile.

6. Competitive salary

Teachers are valued professionals and enjoy a competitive salary, pension and training support amongst other benefits. The starting salary for a newly qualified teacher of at least £22,467 is high compared to other graduate starting salaries.

7. Financial help with training

Bursaries and scholarships of up to £30,000* may be available to trainees. Bursary and scholarship amounts will vary depending on the teacher training subject, age range and the degree class or highest relevant academic qualification. Read more here.

Primary PE teacher and pupils

8. Career Progression

There are many management and leadership opportunities within subjects and key areas, and you can progress to a senior management position such as deputy or head teacher. Career progression opportunities within teaching see senior leaders earning £40,000 - £115,000. See what some of our alumni are doing here.

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