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11-18 years - PGCE Secondary (Core & School Direct)

I want to look back on my career and know that I helped change the world, even in a small way, I made a difference. Teaching gives me that opportunity. ANONYMOUS TEACHEROfsted Secondary Logo


Please note: there are limited spaces left for the 2018 – 19 PGCE programmes starting this August. We advise applying as soon as possible.

PGCE Applications close on UCAS for the Secondary University-led route on 29 June 2018 and for Secondary School-led (School Direct) routes before 29 June 2018 at the latest (some School Direct courses may be earlier than this).

Applications for the 2019 – 20 programmes will open again on UCAS Teacher Training website in late October 2018.

University-Led (Core) & School-Led (School Direct Training & Salaried)

Outstanding Training

Delivered by an Ofsted rated “Outstanding” provider of teacher training, this one year postgraduate course will recommend you for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with full PGCE. We work closely with over 500 partnership schools to prepare you fully for the practical demands of teaching, including the teaching of all National Curriculum subjects. You'll be taught and supported by highly experienced teams who have a national reputation for the quality of their training.

School-led begins towards the end of August 2018 and ends in July 2019.
University-led begins September 2018 and ends in July 2019.

"Having trained with Warwick University was definitely and immensely instrumental to my teaching career. From the very outset of the course to the finishing end, it was aimed to train and equip aspiring, up and coming teachers holistically."

Samson, PGCE Alumnus

Routes to Suit You

There are now three routes into teaching Secondary:
University-Led (Core) 11- 18 yrs
School-Led (School Direct Training) 11- 16 yrs
School-Led (School Direct Salaried) 11 - 16 yrs

Twenty-Five Specialist Subjects

We offer twenty-five subjects across our University-led and School-led programmes. Read more about our subjects, bursaries and scholarships here

Robust Course

"The course at Warwick was so tough. We were really pushed to perform our best, there was a real sense of passion and commitment to excellence and there were such high expectations. This is of course very reflective of the profession itself though, so it was intense but it needed to be. It really toughened me up and gave me such a range of experiences with different schools, staff and teaching practices that it has given me an amazing foundation."

Gemma, PGCE Alumna

There are three elements to the course which are designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills you will need to pursue a successful teaching career:
  • Subject Studies - looks at all aspects of how to teach your subject, including planning, teaching, assessment and classroom management.
  • Professional Studies - focuses on working in classrooms and schools and on the broader context of teaching today.
  • Professional Practice - placements provide opportunities for observation, practice and investigation in a wide variety of our partnership schools.

Assessments are spread across the course and focus on practical, professional and academic competences

Feedback on Assignments: The University tutors provide written formal feedback which will identify the strengths of the academic piece and also provide trainees with actions for future work. If trainees do not initially pass an assignment they are supported by a one hour tutorial with one of their markers to review their assignment and draw up an action plan for re-submission.

Key aims
  • Build your confidence and gain practical teaching experience in contrasting schools.
  • Learn about the latest curriculum developments, issues and innovations.
  • Deepen your understanding of teaching, and learn about the opportunities for continued professional development and the relationship between educators and society.
  • Create critical thinkers who are able to reflect on their professional practice.
  • Make use of the latest technologies and developments in teaching and gain experience in developing multimedia resources for your subject.
  • Leave with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to begin your teaching career.
  • Learn to manage pupils' behaviour and maintain a purposeful learning environment.
  • Make use of the latest technologies and developments in teaching and gain experience in developing multimedia resources for your subject.

You can read more about the skills needed to teach this age group here

Stimulating University Sessions

Your teaching staff (Teaching Fellows) are vastly experienced teachers and educational leaders who have been selected to provide you with the highest quality training. We also work in collaboration with our partnership schools to bring in their school experts to help deliver training.

The university sessions are interactive, interesting and challenging. You will enjoy regular seminars, tutorials and workshops as well as more traditional lectures alongside trainees from all routes. Your academic work will be assessed using a variety of strategies including essays, subject knowledge audits, presentations and posters.

"Studying at Warwick gave me a solid foundation for my career as a teacher. Some great lectures, visits and guest speakers provided some useful information to help me on my way. Warwick also arranged some brilliant teaching placements for me where I got up and taught in front of a class for the first time! I would definitely recommend Warwick."

Yasser, PGCE Alumnus

Inspiring Placements

Working in partnership with schools, we all make sure you have access to the very best, and most inspiring, practising teachers and mentors – participating in their seminars, observing them in the classroom, or being guided by them during your placements. This will be a minimum of 120 days.
This route has two extended Professional Practice placements in contrasting settings (1 term and 2 terms respectively). This ensures a varied and balanced experience of teaching in different schools, which will prove invaluable to those who wish to experience working in different contexts before qualifying. You will also get a five day placement in a Primary school.
School-led (School Direct Training & Salaried)
This route offers trainees an extended Professional Practice placement in one main school (called a “Base School”), supplemented by an additional placement (half a term) in a contrasting school. This ensures a varied and balanced experience of teaching in different settings, whilst allowing the trainee to contribute significantly to the life of their “Base School”. If you choose to follow the salaried route you may have to plan and assess classes independently. You will also get a five day placement in a Primary school.

Strong Support Structure

We ensure that you have access to the best possible support, advice and guidance, during your course. You will be supported by a range of University tutors, with responsibility for developing your subject knowledge and teaching development. Additionally you will also have two school mentors, who offer professional and personal support.
Read more about support at Warwick.

Career Progression and Employability

Upon completing this course you gain 90 credits at master's level. This allows you to fast-track to stage two of our master's degree, quickly progressing your professional development.

Career progression may be through a specialist curriculum or pastoral role, or by moving into management. Teachers may become heads of department, heads of year or coordinators of a cross-curricular area, such as special needs or careers education, as well as subject or professional mentors for trainee teachers on placement.

If you like to travel there are international schools all over the world, which can provide you with another teaching insight and skill set.

There are other careers outside of teaching including education lecturing, school inspection, advisory or consultancy roles, initial teacher training, or administration in local education authorities (LEAs) and examination boards. Organisations such as museums, art galleries and zoos employ teachers as education officers. There are some opportunities for self-employment, which include private tutoring, writing educational materials or running a small private school.

The PGCE course at Warwick gave me an excellent grounding in my subject area, teaching and learning and the initial expedience in the classroom. I have been promoted each year that I have been in teaching. I firmly believe the training at Warwick gave me the skills to aid my progression.

Andrew, PGCE Alumnus



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