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50th Anniversary

The Department of Economics was created at the same time as a new institution of higher education called The University of Warwick and in 2015, both celebrated their 50th anniversary.

To celebrate this anniversary of the founding of the Department of Economics, we took the opportunity to begin looking back to its roots, including looking back to where the Department itself began; with the vision of founder Dick Sargent.

Also, to further honour our 50th anniversary, in 2015 we hosted a number of events throughout the year and participated in the Festival of Social Sciences and Festival of Imagination; find out more below.

Our events during the 50th anniversary celebrations


Find out more about The University of Warwick at 50; 50 years of constantly imagining, realising and creating the future.

Question Time 2015

In October, we hosted our annual Question Time event which was held on the first day of the academic year as a great induction into the Department for students.

Festival of Imagination

The Festival of the Imagination took place on a October weekend and was the centrepiece of the University's 50th anniversary celebrations.

The event showcased the work we do at Warwick through a diverse programme of events all focused around the central theme 'Imagining the Future'.

From the Department, Professor Abhinay Muthoo and Siobhan Benita featured on a panel debating Universities Challenged: Where next for Higher Education?.

Festival of Social Sciences

The Festival of Social Sciences took place in April and the Department were involved in a number of talks and panel discussions.

Millennium Development Goals Panel Debate

Hosted jointly by the Department of Economics and the Warwick Economics Society, this event explored the Millennium Development Goals, which was hailed as the world’s biggest promise to itself.

Warwick Policy Lab’s Youth Voting Event

The Warwick Policy Lab hosted an opportunity for students to engage with a panel of experts and commentators in a lively debate and discussion about youth engagement in politics.

Why studying Economics has never been so exciting

We hosted a chance for school students to meet Economics text book authors on campus, exploring why now is such a great time to be studying economics.

Warwick Policy Lab 50th Lecture Series

The Warwick Policy Lab (WPL) hosted a lecture series featuring leading figures from the Public and Private sector discussing and debating topical issues with students and staff from across the University.

  • Dr Kanayo Nwanze
    President of UN Agency, The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dr Nwanze spoke about International Development and addressed policies to alleviate poverty.
  • Professor David Soskice
    LSE Professor of Political Science and Economics, David talked about the IT revolution and advanced economies.
  • Minouche Shafik
    The first female Deputy Governor of the Bank of England discussed how the central bank’s balance sheet is at the very heart of modern policy making.
  • Sir Nicholas Macpherson
    Serving as the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, Sir Nicholas has been Permanent Secretary to three Chancellors, and is currently the longest serving Permanent Secretary in Whitehall. He visited Warwick to talk on 'The Global Economic & Financial Crisis: What we have learnt 7 years on'.
  • Vicky Pryce
    Greek-born British Economist, Business Consultant and author of 'Greekonomics', Vicky discussed 'Britain and the EU – the economic case for staying in'.

View a selection of the Policy Lab lectures:

Warwick Economics Summer School

As part of the Warwick Economics Summer School (WESS), we hosted several high profile guest speakers:

  • Professor James Robinson
    Author of award winning book, Why Nations Fail, Professor Robinson is a British economist and political scientist currently at Harvard University.
  • Jacqui Smith
    Served as the first female Home Secretary from 2007 -2009. She is a member of the Labour Party and spent over 10 years at the heart of UK government.
  • Julie Meyer
    Award winning American entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive of Ariadne Capital and business commentator for the BBC, Financial Times and Daily Telegraph. She has been named as one of the Wall Street Journal’s 30 most influential women in Europe.
  • Professor Nick Crafts
    World-renowned Economic historian and Director of the multi-million pound Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) in the Department of Economics at Warwick.