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Message from the Head of Department

If one were to ask, “Why economics?”, contemporary events could only too vividly provide the answer.

The financial crisis of recent years has wreaked havoc on the economic fortunes of nations, businesses and individuals for whom recovery is still a distant hope.

The ongoing political and economic drama playing itself out in the euro zone has the world holding its collective breath about the potential repercussions for world prosperity.

Our increasingly intertwined economic fortunes – which may be determined by events as disparate as monetary policy in China, banking practices in the US, and growth rates in India cry out for the kind of analysis that is able to find the insights amid a chaotic, complex and rapidly-changing world picture.

“Economics is the issue of the times in which we live.”

Against this backdrop, I am particularly proud of the vital role our department plays:

  • Our research is yielding new and needed insights to enhance growth, opportunity and well-being worldwide.
  • Our undergraduate programme is training the next generation, giving them the practical tools and intellectual firepower they will need as they go on to work in businesses, governments, and social service enterprises, not just in the UK but around the world.
  • Our graduate programme is preparing another generation of researchers who will have the skills to grapple with the economic issues of their times, going on to universities, businesses, think tanks and policy-making bodies worldwide.

"The forefront of economic research and education"

If one were then to ask, “Why economics at Warwick?”, events of the 47 years since our founding could vividly provide the answer. In less than 50 years, our department has followed a rocket-like trajectory in each of these essential undertakings – academic research and the training of the next generation of economists at the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels.

These accomplishments place us at the forefront of economic research and education in the UK and beyond. “What’s past is prologue,” as Shakespeare wrote. His memorable phrase certainly describes us.

Dynamism, vision and energy were the essence of our founding mission, and they remain at the core of our present and our future.

Professor Abhinay Muthoo
Head of Department
Department of Economics, The University of Warwick