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Job Market Candidates 2014/15

For further information about the PhD Job Market, please contact the placement officer.

Placement Officer

Prof. Omer Moav, Placement Officer

Room S1.115
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7652 3476
Email: O dot Moav at warwick dot ac dot uk

PhD Candidates

Mariela Dal Borgo

  • Fields: Applied Microeconomics , Labor Economics
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV
  • Job Market Paper: Does Bankruptcy Protection Affect Risk-Taking in Household Portfolios?
  • Supervisors: Prof. Christopher M. Woodruff and Prof. Sascha O. Becker

Darina Dintcheva-Bis

  • Fields: Game theory.
  • Supervisors: Bhaskar Dutta (b dot dutta at warwick dot ac dot uk) and Francesco Squintani (f dot squintani at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Choong Hyun Nam

Athanasios Athanasopoulos

Andrew Harkins

  • Fields: Social and Economic Networks, Organizational Economics and IO, Game Theory and Evolutionary Game Theory
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV

Xinxi Song

  • Fields: Microeconomic theory; Applied econometrics
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV
  • Job Market Paper: Recovering risk and ambiguity aversion: theory and evidence
  • Thesis title: Identification and estimation of individual preference under ambiguity
  • Supervisors: Herakles Polemarchakis and Andres Carvajal

Stefanos Dimitrakopoulos