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EC123: Mathematical Techniques B

  • Alexander Dobson

    Module Leader
12 CATS - Department of Economics

Principal Aims

Students will be given the opportunity to develop the requisite quantitative skills for a rigorous study of contemporary economics.

Principal Learning Outcomes

:...acquire the tools of quantitative methods necessary to study core and optional first and second year modules in economics for the single honours course in Economics.

:...develop further their techniques of statistical methods and statistical modelling;

:...generate an awareness and analysis of data and of data handling.


Pre-requisite. You will be expected to have a good knowledge of A level algebra and calculus including the rules of differentiation and integration (which will not be taught).

The module will typically cover the following topics:

Calculus of functions of two or more variables; Unconstrained and constrained optimisation; Comparative statics; Matrix algebra; Difference equations; Applications of all techniques in economics.


Optional Core Module
V7ML - Year 1, LM1D (LLD2) - Year 1, R9L1 - Year 1, R3L4 - Year 1, R4L1 - Year 1, R2L4 - Year 1, L1L8 - Year 1, R1L4 - Year 1
Pre or Co-requisites
For Economics joint degree course students A-level in Mathematics, or equivalent.


Assessment Method
Coursework (30%) + Online Examination (70%)
Coursework Details
Online Examination (70%) , Set of 6 problem sets (6%) , Test 1 (12%) , Test 2 (12%)
Exam Timing

Reading Lists