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Helpdesk Appointment Booking

Please use the below calander to book onto the RAE helpdesk. The helpdesk will run from academic weeks 4-10 (Term 1) and 15-24 (Term 2).

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to send an email to the RAE Tutor with details on the problem(s) you want to discuss BEFORE your appointment. If tutors do not receive an email AT LEAST 24h before the time of the appointment they may decide to cancel your booking so that the slot becomes available for other students .

Have you already read the rules applied to the RAE Helpdesk Booking System?

Have you already taken a look at the Stata videos from the Stata moodle page?

Have you alredy looked for answer at the very useful Stata List?


  1. You can book a maximum of 5 appointments throughout term 1 and term 2, that is, until the end of term 2.
  2. You CANNOT book CONSECUTIVE appointments with a single tutor or MULTIPLE appointments with two or more tutors on the same week.
  3. Each appointment cannot last longer than 15 minutes.
  4. If you cannot make the meeting, please notify the tutor as soon as possible.
  5. You MUST send AN EMAIL with a brief description of the problem you wish to discuss with your tutor at least one day prior to your appointment. If you fail to do so, in weeks of high demand your tutor may release the slot you reserved in order to allow other students to use it. If you book an slot at the last minute (i.e. the same day), also make sure to contact the tutor before coming to the meeting. Please note that you should try to solve your problem with all available resources (e.g. Google, the Forum, Stata videos in the Moodle page, etc.) before seeking help with tutors.
  6. Appointments CANNOT be regarding the econometric content, formulation of your research questions or hypotheses and/or interpretation of your analysis.


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