Dear Student, this is a quick note to announce that there are two new tutors running the RAE Helpdesk for this year and few further changes:

a) Terry CHENG has joined the team of Zizhong YAN and myself.

b) RAE office hours are offered for weeks in Term II commencing in Week 2 [16] (that is, 14 of January) with booking system working in the calendar provided.

c) Fields (topics) are listed for individual tutors, including econometric software, so before booking an appointment, please, consider which area your question/problem is related to, that is, who may be the 'right' tutor (unless your question is related to a generic problem such as data management).

d) There will be no answer to your question(s) in the RAE forum after Term II has finished. However, you will be still able to browse through Q&A's from previous year(s) since it is quite likely to find one that exactly matches your query.


Good luck with your RAE projects!

Best Regards, Vaclav