Dear All,

This is a quick note regarding the 18/19 RAE helpdesk.

There are two tutors in Term 1 and three tutors in Term 2 (see below).

a) Term 1: Terry Cheng and Yunyi Zhang (two hours per week, week 6-10)

b) Term 2: Terry Cheng, Yunyi Zhang and Silvia Granato (two hours per week, week 1-10)

Regarding the question,

c) In case you have any question, please firstly check the previous questions asked by other students as you may find the answer there.

d) If you still cannot find any answer related to your question, please post it on RAE HELP DESK FORUM. We will try to answer it as soon as possible. 

Good luck on the RAE projects! :)

All the best,

Terry Cheng