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EC342 Globalisation and Development

Module leader Professor Sharun Mukand
  Information on Restrictions and Pre- and co-requisites, Teaching Format, Academic Aims, and Learning Objectives can be found in the module thumbprint.
Context This is an optional module for second and third year V7ML, third year L100, L116, L1MD, LV13, GL11 and GL12
Teaching format 20 hours of lectures and 4 hours of seminars over one term
Assessment methods Assessment (30%) and 1.5 hour examination (70%)
Academic aims This module aims to provide students with an introduction to contemporary research on the political economy of development and globalization. An important aim of the module will be to test abstract theories of development using in-depth knowledge of cases, and to further students' understanding of cases by applying lessons from theoretical and empirical work.
Syllabus Illustrative topics might include: 1) How central is politics to economic development? 2) How do political institutions determine policy choices? 3) How do economic structures in turn impact on politics? 4) Why do governments employ policies that hinder development? 5) Why do seemingly inefficient institutions survive? 6) What is the impact of globalization on domestic politics?
Illustrative reading Readings will be from recent papers published in journals. In addition we will also discuss the recent book by Dani Rodrik (2011), Acemoglu and Robinson (2006) and others.