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EC9B3: Topics in Macroeconomics and International Economics

  • Carlo Perroni

    Module Leader
  • Giovanni Ricco

    Module Lecturer
  • Herakles Polemarchakis

    Module Lecturer
  • Omer Moav

    Module Lecturer
  • Roger Farmer

    Module Lecturer
30 CATS - Department of Economics
Spring Module
Autumn Module

Principal Aims

The module aims to develop the skills and knowledge of Macroeconomics and International Economics, necessary for a career as an academic economist and in all areas where advanced research skills in economics are required. Specifically, it aims to teach the students to understand, appreciate, and ultimately contribute to, frontier research. It is intended to be comparable to modules taught in the best research universities in the USA and elsewhere in Europe.

Principal Learning Outcomes

Have a good overview and a thorough understanding of Macroeconomic and International Economics. Develop a critical knowledge of recent research in some key areas of Macroeconomics and International Trade. Enable students to pursue their own research agenda in the field.


Topics might include:

Developments in computational macroeconomics, covering the key state-of-the-art techniques for implementing and solving macroeconomic models of any kind.

Developments in growth theory, covering recent developments in issues that characterize the long-run evolution of economies, as well as policy intervention with long-run targets.

Developments in macro labour economics, and developments in fiscal and monetary economics, both topics focusing on business cycle macroeconomics and short- and medium-run labour market and financial frictions, as well as policy interventions with short-run targets.

Developments in international macroeconomics and finance, covering the state-of-the-art models and puzzles in this literature.

Development in international trade, covering the most important economic issues related to the exchange of goods and services across international borders.


Optional Module
L1PJ - Year 2
Pre or Co-requisites
Satisfactory completion of MRes year 1


Assessment Method
Coursework (100%)
Coursework Details
Four assignments worth a total of 100%: Term 1 Assignment 1 (20%) Assignment 2 (30%) Term 2 Assignment 3 (25%) Assignment 4 (25%)
Exam Timing

Reading Lists