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MSc Econometrics Dissertation Helpdesk 2016/2017

Identify an available 15-minute time slot and make a booking using the Calendar below. Then please email the designated helpdesk tutor and explain what help you require briefly and clearly. If you are unable to attend your appointment it is imperative that you go to the website and cancel your booking so that the slot becomes available to other students. Please note that you can only have one live booking at any one time and that bookings should not be made more than one week in advance. Please turn up on time and please do not overstay your appointment.

JUNE 2017:
Tutor: Divya Deepthi
Thursday 8th June 2017 (week 36): 10.00-10.30am: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 15th June 2017 (week 37): 10.00-10.30am: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 22nd June 2017 (week 38): 10.00-10.30am: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 29th June 2017 (week 39): 10.00-10.30am: Room H5.22 (Humanities)

JULY 2017:
Tutor: Terry Cheng
Thursday 6th July 2017 (week 40): 10.00-12.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 13th July 2017 (week 41): 10.00-12.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 20th July 2017 (week 42): 10.00-12.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 27th July 2017 (week 43): 10.00-12.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)

AUGUST 2017:
Tutor: Terry Cheng
Thursday 3rd August 2017 (week 44): 10.00-1.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 10th August 2017 (week 45): 10.00-1.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 17th August 2017 (week 46): 10.00-1.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 24th August 2017 (week 47): 10.00-1.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)
Thursday 31st August 2017 (week 48): 10.00-1.00pm: Room H5.22 (Humanities)


You will need to sign in to make bookings.
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