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MSc EIFE workshops

MSc EIFE Workshop Programme Spring Term 2018

Week 2 - Tues January 16th: (Please note: Room S0.13 for week 2 only) Organisational Meeting. Plus presentation by Lei Zhang (Sichuan) / Marcus Miller (Warwick):‘The EuroZone crisis and the Draghi Put: a case of multiple equilibria?’ vox EU (

Week 3 –Tues January 23rd Julian Winkler (Oxford) ‘GDP bonds – benefits and costs’

Week 4 –Tues January 30th: TBA

Week 5 - Tues February 6th: David Owen (Jefferies) ‘The euro area/UK economies and the outlook for policy (for BoE and ECB)’

Week 6 – Tuesday February 13th: Jonathan Smith, (Bank of England) “Prudential Regulation of Banking”

Week 7 –Tues February 20 th: Student presentations

Week 8 – Tues February 27 th: Bruce Gaston (SB Finance Resources): ‘China’s Belt Road Initiative.’

Week 9 –Tues March 6th: TBA

Week 10: Tues March 13th: No meeting on account of project submissions, term tests, etc

Organiser: marcus dot miller at warwick dot ac dot uk
Office: S1.113, office hours: Friday 2-4pm

Memo items:
For Student presentation, you might like to try out a possible topic for your summer dissertation.

Other items To Be Added following discussion on Monday include:
more outside speakers; more student presentations; and/or the presentation of a short play on
banking crisis, see