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Charity Vote

To encourage your participation, for each postgraduate taught student who completes the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) in the Department of Economics, we will donate £5 to the departmental incentive scheme.

We would like your opinion on how this incentive scheme should be spent. Please complete the form below to have your say on how this money should be split between a prize draw for all eligible students and/or donations to a charitable scheme.

Prize Draw

Should our 50% response rate target be met, we will offer a prize draw for all eligible students to win 1 of 3 vouchers. You can vote on the form below to decide how much of the £5 will contribute to the prize draw, as well as suggesting your preferred voucher. The most popular voucher will be selected.

Charitable Scheme


You can also choose to donate all or part of the £5 to one of the charitable schemes listed below. You can also vote for your chosen charity on the form below. The most popular charity will receive the donation.

Student Support

With family incomes tightening due to furlough and unemployment, the demand for scholarships and support through financial hardship has never been higher. Gifts to Student Support will provide scholarships to talented students from low-income backgrounds, provide school-aged children in Coventry the opportunity to discover routes into higher/further education and create volunteering and work experience opportunities for currents students, such as the Warwick in Africa programme.


Warwick has partnered with IntoUniversity to fund an education outreach centre in the heart of Coventry where young people are inspired to achieve.

IntoUniversity is a national education charity with a mission to raise the aspirations of young people from the poorest homes across the UK. These young people face a considerable educational disadvantage – statistically they do far less well at school, they are less likely to go to university and they have little chance of entering the professions.

Last year, 59% of sixth form students attending the Coventry centre progressed to higher education compared to the 30% local average. That’s the difference your support can make.

Vote Now

Please complete the form below to vote for your preference by 4pm on 18th March. You must be a Postgraduate Taught Economics student to complete the vote and you may only vote once.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.