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Case studies and photoshoots

We are calling for Economics students to complete a short case study and/or participate in photo-shoots to capture and showcase the life as a Warwick Economics student, for use in our marketing materials. As a thank you for your participation in these activities we will add £5 Eating at Warwick top-up to your account for each activity.

To participate, please give complete the below form order to receive £5 top-up on your Eating at Warwick card for completing a case study. In Section 3 you can indicate whether you are happy to be contacted to take part in a photo-shoot along with other students from the Department. If you take part in a photo-shoot, we will give £5 top-up on your Eating at Warwick card.
Section 1: About you

Section 2: Complete a Case Study

Section 3: Photo-shoot Interest
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The information you provide on this form may be used for promotional materials for Warwick Economics degree course programmes. Please contact if you wish to withdraw any information at any point.
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