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Frequently Asked Questions on using AEP

Here we outline some answers to queries posted by students taking the EC101 Economics Technical Practice paper on the Alternative Exams Portal.

Timing of Assessment

Your assessment is deemed to have begun as soon as you click ‘View’ on any of the assessment documents on AEP.

The extra time you would normally have in an exam is the extra time you will be permitted in the online assessments. You are required to monitor the time yourself and ensure you submit within the allowed time.

Accessing PDF Documents

There are a number of solutions to this, depending on your individual situation. Please try the following:

  • Use Google Chrome as your default web browser
  • Use Adobe Reader
  • In AEP, right click on the PDF file and then click 'Open with’, then choose Google Chrome
  • You can find more advice here.

Typing or Handwriting Answers

Even on mathematical-heavy modules, you are required to type answers to your questions into the Word document and then hand-draw diagrams and more complex mathematical equations, photograph them and then insert them into the Word document. Please see the videos/guidance on how to:

While some students might find it easier to hand-write equations, photograph them, and then insert them as images into the Word answer document for other students might prefer to type equations, we have some examples of relatively complex equations one can simply approximate quite effectively using a text editor and this could be an alternative to using either the word equation editor or Mathtype or inserting images. However, we would suggest equations is probably close to the upper limit of what you might want to type. If you are going to type some equations we would advise students to practice some example and become familiar with typing them as a way of learning.

Yes, you can include your workings – method marks will still be awarded, as they would be in a normal exam. However, remember that any text should be typed and only equations should be hand-written.

Compressing and Uploading Images

An additional 45 minutes has been allocated to all assessments to provide time for uploading images.

    Yes, Please see the guidance document which sets out that compression should be undertaken once you have finished the whole assessment paper.

      It is important to check that any images you may have inserted into your assessment are of readable quality. If you discover that they appear blurred or poor quality after you have compressed them, click the 'Undo' button and choose the next level of compression (On-screen (150 ppi)), shown in the image below:

      It is your responsibility to check the pictures you take and ensure that they show the full diagram or complete mathematical equation. You will also need to check the quality of the image to ensure that it can be read. When you insert the image into the correct text box on the Word document, position it centrally within the text box and check it again to ensure that you have inserted the correct image and that it is showing all of the information that it should be showing. If we cannot see the full image or part of it is illegible, then we will only be able to mark the image or parts of the image that we can read. Please use the EC101 Technical Practice Paper and try taking pictures of images and inserting them into your Word document. Check the quality of the image to make sure you can read it and that the picture includes all of the information. Once you compress your Word document, check it again to ensure the quality of your image has been preserved. You are able to take the EC101 Technical Practice Paper every day, so you are strongly encouraged to do this to make sure you are confident with all aspects of it.

      No, all images must be inserted into your Word document. You are not permitted to upload multiple documents.

      No, you are not permitted to do this. All images must be inserted into your Word document. You are not permitted to upload multiple documents even in a zip folder. The only file format you can upload is a Word document (and an excel if required by the exam rubric).

      You should check the image quality after you compress your file via the EC101 Technical Practice Paper. However, for those taking the EC336 exam, the email about compressing only to 150ppi, especially for those with an iPhone XS, was identified and then sent out after the EC336 exam. We will therefore take this into account when marking and moderating this exam, so please don’t worry about this for EC336. However, as noted, please do check the image quality of your documents by trying the Technical Practice Paper again and adjusting the compression to 150ppi.

        Plagiarism and Collusion

        No, because you are inserting your answers into the Word document only. It is the Word document that we will be submitting to Turnitin to check for plagiarism.

        The Department is very mindful of the need to ensure the academic integrity regarding all forms of Alternative Assessment Arrangements. We are also aware that students themselves require the Department and the University to implement procedures to ensure academic integrity. To this end, the Department will be implementing a number of procedures to deter, detect and punish all forms of inappropriate behaviour, such as plagiarism and other forms of cheating. These include:

        • All submitted work will be rigorously checked to ensure that the work is the product of the independent work of each student. All work will be processed through Turnitin software and be subject to careful scrutiny by markers and moderators.
        • Viva voce (spoken) examinations will be held. These will take various forms, such as: (i) identifying and examining through module-specific vivas samples of individual students shortly after the completion of the examination period and (ii) holding vivas with students shortly prior to examination boards to discuss a student's work across a number of modules.

        You are not permitted to copy and paste any information from any source. All words must be your own, otherwise it will constitute plagiarism.

        Technical Issues

        If you experience a technical difficulty during your assessment which prevents you from submitting your work, or which means that you have to submit it late, you are asked to complete the form in the Mitigating Circumstances Portal. The Department will receive details of the circumstances affecting your assessment and will consider these at the Exam Board to determine the treatment of your mark for the assessment. However, you are asked to take responsibility for preparing for your assessment as much as possible by familiarising yourself with the rubric for the assessment on Your Modules, and by practicing taking the Economics Technical Practice Paper (EC101) in the Alternative Exams Portal. Doing this will hopefully bring to light any technical issues you may need to address before your assessments start.

        If you experienced a technical issue during your online assessment, please submit this through the mitigating circumstances portal on tabula.

        Uploading and Submitting

        Please upload your Combined Assessment Paper and Answer Booklet as a Word document. Please do not convert this to PDF or any other format, as these will not be accepted.

        No, please only submit the Combined Assessment Paper and Answer Booklet Word document to AEP. Other formats will not be accepted.

        No, you must not upload a PDF and so please ignore the instructions on AEP that says you can upload other formats, including PDFs. Instead follow the guidance you have been issued by the Department of Economics. You must only upload one document and this must be a word document into which you have inserted all relevant images. You must not upload a zip file or image files or convert your document into a PDF. It must be a Word document. The only exception is for EC201, where you will need to upload a Word document and an Excel document as Section A is multiple choice.

        No, you are not permitted to upload a PDF document. All of your answers must be typed on the Word document that you download from the AEP. The only exceptions are for those assessments where there is a multiple choice section and here the excel spreadsheet provided must be used. The only files we will mark are Word documents. Please do note upload PDFs, as they will not be marked.

        Yes, it is vital that you compress your word file to 150ppi, but you are encouraged to try the Technical Practice Paper EC101 and check the quality of your image. If students do not compress their files, the file size will be very large with multiple images inserted and if all students upload very large files, the system is likely to crash. Markers and moderators will take into account image quality when marking the assessment.

        During each assessment, you are advised to upload your Word document periodically so that we do have copies of it should any issues be encountered. At the end of your assessment, you then need to upload your final version and click ‘finalise assessment’. This then submits the assessment. However, if you do not click finalise assessment, then the latest draft that you uploaded to the AEP will still be submitted. Please note that you can upload your document multiple times throughout the assessment and each new upload will over-write the previous versions of the document and we will mark whatever document was uploaded last, even if ‘finalise assessment’ isn’t clicked. Once you have clicked ‘finalise assessment’, you are not able to submit any further versions of your document.

        It is your responsibility to check that you are submitting the correct version of the assessment. We will only mark submissions that come in through the AEP and will not look at any assessments that are sent into the UG office email account or to any other email account. Please therefore refrain from sending any submissions by email to anyone, as these will not be marked.

        Can't find the answer to your question?

        If you can't find the answer to your question, please get in touch with the Postgraduate Office via email.