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Royal Economic Society Video Competition

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Royal Economic Society Video Competition

Do you want to apply economic theory to real life, develop your video and presentation skills, and be in with a chance of winning some top prizes?

The Royal Economic Society, in conjunction with the Economics Network, is launching an annual video competition designed to encourage undergraduate students to explore how economics can be used to understand the real world, and to communicate economic insights in a clear and intelligible way.

Entry to the competition is limited to one per institution and therefore we are holding an internal competition first to decide which film will be submitted to the Royal Economic Society. You have until Thursday 15 April to upload your entry to this page. We will then choose a winner before the Royal Economic Society deadline of 30 April so that we can enter the winning team into their competition.

In addition to the winning video being entered into the RES competition, there will also be an internal prize for the best team of a £25 Amazon voucher per person.

If your team goes on to win the main RES competition their prize is £1,000 and automatic entry into an international multimedia competition organised by the International Economic Association every three years. The winning entry will also be shown by the RES at public events such as the annual public lecture. You can find out more about the overall competition on the RES website.

How to enter

To enter the initial competition you need form a team of two to six students, and produce a three-minute film that uses economics to shed light on the real world. The topic choice is up to you. The film could tackle a major issue (for example, the fallout from Brexit, rising inequality or climate change) or focus on the economics of everyday life (for example, whether Uber is a good thing and why people sign up for gym membership that they don’t use). The film should not be a mini lecture but an entertaining and informative short "documentary" that brings economics to life through application. It should be intelligible to a non-specialist audience.

One team member should upload the video using the form below, along with an accompanying factsheet to provide references and sources for facts (if necessary), maximum 600 words.

You should create your video with the judging criteria in mind. The judges will be looking at the underlying economic content, the application to the topic, and the clarity of exposition. The technical quality of the films will not explicitly be taken into account, although the judges will be looking at the overall structure of the film and how the material is presented to generate and sustain interest.


Please note that the RES will have the right to re-publish all entries on their platforms, YouTube and social media. To avoid copyright issues, videos must only use footage that they have right to or is creative commons.

Videos can be shorter than three minutes but not longer.

Teams can be formed across different year groups.

Any first year who enters this competition will receive 10 credits towards the Personal Development Module.

You have until Thursday 15 April to upload your video application.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.