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360 Lecture with Katy Chakrabortty

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360 Lecture with Katy Chakrabortty

The Department of Economics is delighted to welcome Katy Chakrabortty as our next 360 Guest Lecture speaker for the 2021/22 academic year.

Campaigning to end poverty. What's inequality got to do with it?

Date: Monday 14 February 2022, 6.15-7.15pm
Location: MS Teams

Dr Christian Soegaard will introduce the speaker and chair the Q&A session at the end of the lecture

This event is for staff and students only and registration is required in order to attend. First year students who attend the lecture will be able to get PDM points.

About the Talk

For several years, Oxfam has made headlines around the world with its pronouncements that global economic inequality is out of control.

This year, Oxfam found that the Covid-19 pandemic had supercharged the trend, leading to the 10 richest men in the world doubling their wealth since the beginning of the pandemic, whilst Covid has pushed an extra 160 million people into poverty. This may feel unfair, but for a charity that wants to end poverty, why does it matter that some people are so rich? There is no fixed pie of wealth, so surely there is room for the super-rich to get richer and still have success stories at the bottom?

This lecture from Oxfam’s Head of Policy and Advocacy will outline why the billionaire boom is not something to celebrate, but is a symptom of an increasingly broken economics that it is making it harder to overcome poverty. It will talk about what needs to be done to reverse this trend, and discuss the role of campaigning, communications, evidence and advocacy in persuading the richest that they can’t have it all.

About the author - Katy Chakrabortty

Katy is Head of Policy and Advocacy at Oxfam GB. She leads the team focused on Oxfam's policy influence in the UK. She has been at Oxfam since 2009, and as well as political relations work she has played a major role in Oxfam's Even it Up campaign against extreme economic inequality.


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