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Postgraduate student Andrew Siu recognised for teaching excellence

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Postgraduate student Andrew Siu recognised for teaching excellence

Andrew Siu was recently announced as a commendee of the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for postgraduate students who teach (WATE PGR).

Andrew is a PhD candidate in the Department with research interests in Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics and Social Preferences.

Research students can carry out a range of teaching activities including facilitating seminars, lecturing, demonstrating, and project supervision, and the WATE PGR programme aims to recognise the best teachers from the postgraduate students at Warwick, nominated by students, fellow postgraduates, and University faculty.

Andrew enhances learning by engaging students in active inquiry and uses examples from his own research to show students how to formulate research questions and search for new knowledge, developing their ability to direct their own learning.

Some of the students’ comments about Andrew’s teaching include:

"Andrew is unanimously agreed upon as the best seminar tutor amongst his students due to his ability to deliver ideas and concepts very clearly across to everyone.”
"Being such an exception tutor, I believe he has motivated all of us to study harder.”
"Andrew is the only tutor who consistently enters the class with a huge smile on his face."

As a commendee, Andrew is the recipient of £200 to be spent on either research or teaching, enabling more students to benefit from transformed teaching and learning.

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