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Warwick Policy Lab researcher receives funding for '<em>The UK in a Changing Europe</em>' project

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Warwick Policy Lab researcher receives funding for 'The UK in a Changing Europe' project

Dr Tatiana Coutto from the Warwick Policy Lab (WPL) was recently the recipient of a “UK in a Changing Europe” commissioning fund, an initiative launched by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

The project “Attitudes towards the EU: Euroscepticism in the British media and the impact on the political debate” aims to summarise and disseminate the main research findings about the role of British media in shaping public attitudes and behaviours towards the European Union (EU).

Of particular interest are the complex relationship between British media and different strands of Euroscepticism, and the potential impact of social media on perceptions regarding the EU.

Project outputs include a combination of academic production, policy briefs and a dissemination conference that will take place at the Shard by January 2017.

Dr Tatiana Coutto, principal investigator of the project, said

This work contributes to the identification of underexplored topics and methodologies regarding the study of Euroscepticism and its impact on political institutions and social groups.

By making academic works accessible and easy-to-read by a broad audience, we provide an authoritative, non-partisan and interdisciplinary source of information about the relationship between media and politics in the context of the UK referendum on EU membership.

Find out more about The UK in a Changing Europe Initiative.