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Warwick Economics Undergraduates honoured at Prestigious Carroll Round and bring home the ‘Outstanding Participant’ prize

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Warwick Economics Undergraduates honoured at Prestigious Carroll Round and bring home the ‘Outstanding Participant’ prize


We are thrilled to announce that three final year Economics students had their RAE dissertations accepted onto the prestigious Carroll Round conference programme. The Carroll Round is an international economics conference which takes place annually at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. The Conference provides a unique forum for research and discussion among the world’s top undergraduates and encourages and supports scholarly innovation in the field of Economics.

The 15th Annual Carroll Round took place last weekend, and our students Mihaly Abel, Michael Gill and JJ Lim presented the following papers:

”Pretending to be Green”: The Role of Environmental Status Signalling in the Behaviour-Impact Gap Problem Mihaly Abel (RAE Tutor: Daniel Sgroi)

‘The Impact of Monetary Policy on the UK Yield Curve’ Michael Gill (RAE Tutor: Alex Karalis Isaac)

‘Do Equity Markets Incorporate Bond Market Expectations? JJ Lim (RAE Tutor: Alex Karalis Isaac)


The Carroll Round was an amazing experience - it was a mix of intellectual discourse, insightful lectures and an exceptional opportunity for networking. A great way to cap off my undergraduate degree!

JJ Lim commented.

‘Outstanding Participant’

We are also absolutely delighted that Mihaly was also awarded ‘Outstanding Participant’ for 2016. Mihaly said:

The Carroll Round is an outstanding opportunity to meet world-class Economics students, and learn about different applications of the field.

Dr Daniel Sgroi, Mihaly’s RAE tutor said:

It was a great delight to teach Mihaly whose project on the economics of hybrid car ownership is a wonderful fusion of economic theory, data analysis and original thinking. I was especially thrilled to hear of his thoroughly deserved success in the Carroll round, one of the leading outlets for undergraduate Economics research on the planet, demonstrating once again that Warwick students are among the very best in the world.

Each year Dr. Gianna Boero, as RAE module leader, invites RAE tutors to nominate students with promising dissertation projects for consideration for departmental endorsement of their submission to the Carroll Round. The department then gives financial support to students whose submissions are successful. Year after year, Warwick RAE students have excelled at this conference, bringing home the award for ‘Outstanding Participant’. For example, in 2015 the award went to Raees Chowdhury, in 2012 to Samuel Evans and in 2011 to Nik Orlov.

Congratulations to Mihaly for keeping the Warwick tradition!