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Three final year students selected to participate in 16th annual Carroll Round

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Three final year students selected to participate in 16th annual Carroll Round

Economics students Marcel Schlepper, Tim Maecker and David Henning will be heading to Washington, in April, to present their Research in Applied Economics (RAE) projects at the conference.

The conference takes place at Georgetown University from 20 to 23 April 2017. The selection process is extremely difficult, attracting many qualified applicants from around the world.

Marcel is conducting a quantitative analysis of the impact of national election polls on vote defection in the European Parliament. Tim’s research is on International price discrimination in virtual markets and is looking at whether language and cultural barriers enable firms to price discriminate between countries in the European Union and David is investigating how oil shocks affect conflict in Nigeria.

Through the years, our RAE students have been remarkably successful in having their submitted papers accepted for presentation at Georgetown University’s prestigious Carroll Round (24 acceptances since 2007), an annual conference which attracts students from top undergraduate programmes, including the following universities: Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Harvard, MIT, LSE, Oxford, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Acceptance at the conference demonstrates the quality of work shown by RAE students, and contributes to raising the international profile of our programmes.

We are extremely pleased to support the participation of our students at this prestigious event.