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Introductory Maths and Statistics

We run a pre-sessional short course in Mathematics and Statistics two weeks before the start of the Autumn Term for all students taking MSc Economics, MSc Economics and International Financial Economics, and MSc Behavioural and Economic Science (Economics Track).

Next course start date:

Please note that your course starts on Monday 17th September 2018, but you are expected to arrive on Sunday 16 September.

The Maths and Statistics course is designed to ensure that your knowledge and skills in this area are at the standard required for you to succeed on the rest of the MSc course. It consists of both lectures and small group learning which go through exercise sheets and problems. You can get a feel for what level is required for our MSc courses and test your current knowledge with our maths quiz.

There will be two assessments during the course; a 1-hour test on Monday 24 September 2018 (40%) and a 2.5 hour test, in week one of term on Thursday 4 October 2018 (60%).

Your course results will contribute towards your mark for the Quantitative Methods: Econometrics module. The pass mark for all MSc modules is 50. Students are not required to pass the course to be awarded a pass mark for the Quantitative Methods: Econometrics module, but we will invite those who achieve a test mark of less than 50 to attend six additional hours of revision sessions in week four of the Autumn Term.

These classes will go over, in as simple a way as possible, three areas of maths: constrained optimisation, differential equations and statistics. There is no additional charge for these revision sessions.

Further information about the pre-sessional course, including readings lists and preparatory course materials, will be made available to MSc offer holders in the summer.

Information on the course can be found here, although accessing this will require a Warwick username.