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Jasmine Cheng | 2nd year Economics and Industrial Organisation

Name: Jasmine Cheng
Course: Economics and Industrial Organisation
Year of study: Two
Home/EU/International: Hong Kong

Why Warwick?


The Economics department at Warwick has an exceptionally high reputation and ranking both within the UK and globally. The high flexibility of the courses makes Economics at Warwick distinct and attractive, allowing students to mix-and-match whatever suits own our preferences. As a campus University that is away yet close to London, the location and environment of Warwick allows us to escape from distractions, yet having lots of opportunities within the campus. The academic environment of the department is friendly and welcoming; I personally wrote an article for the Economics Society magazine during the summer before even arriving at the University, and was in joy and shock at the same time as I didn’t expect the editors to take it in, which made me feel very welcomed and accepted.

Best bits

The flexibility of the course is what makes me love it so much. Although I major in Economics and Industrial Organization, I have the freedom to choose modules outside the department including Business, Law, Psychology, Computer Science etc, which makes me feel unrestricted and respected as I have my own rights to open up possibilities. This freedom has also made my course more applicable to the real world as it will never only be about one specific academic field, but more of a mixture of various fields all at once.

Learning experience

The seminar system has allowed me to clarify and catch up on whatever I didn’t understand in lectures. Problem sets have also trained me to apply theories learnt in lessons in situational questions. The core modules are all coherent and related to one another, which whips students to keep up with every single modules, and gives us a very thorough and in-depth understanding of the field.

Careers and skills

JCCareersThe number of economics-related careers events at Warwick is uncountable, which opens up so many possibilities for us and allows us to understand more about the companies as well as having networking opportunities with their HR teams. The nature and flexibility of the Economics course will also allow me to work in various fields after graduation.

I am also an executive member of the Warwick Congress, a three day conference in February that crosses fields including Economics, Politics and Finance. The rapid speed and the amount of effort/time the team has put into the organisation is impressive, and I am ultra-proud to be part of the team