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Our objective is to engage in innovative research that extends the frontiers of the discipline, contributing to a deeper understanding of how modern economies function, and how they can adapt to future challenges. Our research spans almost all the major sub-fields of economics.

As a Department, we are consistently ranked in the top 30 in the world, and in the top 10 in Europe, for the quality of our research output. For example, we are ranked 20th in the world and 5th in Europe in the most recent Tilburg University ranking of Economics departments, and we are currently 25th in the world, and 6th in Europe, in the most recent QS University Rankings.

In the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014) to evaluate the research output of UK Universities, Warwick was ranked 4th in the UK, behind only the LSE, UCL and Oxford, on a measure that takes into account both the proportion of faculty submitted and the quality of outputs submitted. In our submission, 45% of our research was rated as 'world -leading' (4*) and a further 51% rated as 'internationally excellent' (3*).

Research in the Department is based in a number of Research Groups, each of which has its own seminar or workshop series. The interests of individual researchers often overlap the Groups; the purpose of the Groups is to allow Department members with similar interests to meet regularly and to support each other's research.


Established in 2010 and funded by the ESRC, CAGE conducts policy-driven economics research informed by culture, history and behaviour. We analyse historical and contemporary data to draw out lessons for modern policy.

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CRETA coordinates collaborative research in economic theory, its applications and in multi-disciplinary projects with related disciplines such as applied mathematics, biology, philosophy and political science.

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QAPEC provides a framework to coordinate collaborative research in quantitative and analytical political economy within the University of Warwick as well as with the Centre’s UK and international networks and partners.

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Development and History

Members of the Development and Economic History Research Group combine archival data, lab-in-the-field experiments, randomised controlled trials, text analysis, survey and secondary data along with theoretical tools to study issues in development and economic history.

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Econometrics and Labour

The Econometrics and Labour Research Group covers a wide number of topics within the areas of modern econometric theory and applications, e.g. the econometrics of networks, as well as labour economics, e.g. the economics of education, gender economics, technology and innovation.

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Experimental and Behavioural Economics

The Experimental and Behavioural Economics Research Group draws its membership from economists based at the Warwick Department of Economics who work in the fields of experimental economics, behavioural economics and/or subjective wellbeing (“Happiness Economics”).

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Macroeconomics and International Economics

The Macroeconomics and International Economics Research Group consists of faculty and PhD students and its research work centres around macroeconomics, international finance and international trade.

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The Microeconomics Research Group works closely with the Centre for Research in Economic Theory and Its Applications (CRETA). Members of the Group work in economic theory, in its applications, and in multidisciplinary projects with areas such as applied mathematics, biology, philosophy and political science.

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Political Economy and Public Economics

The Political Economy and Public Economics Research Group investigates topics from two disciplines which have natural complementarities. Political economy focuses more on the political feasibility of certain policies whereas public economics tries to determine which policies are optimal in every environment.

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An interdisciplinary initiative for researchers at the University interested in experimental and behavioural science with important implications for economics, psychology, management, marketing and statistics.

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The European Political Economy Consortium fosters high-quality research in political economy by facilitating exchange among the leading European centres in political economy. It consists of five founding institutions, including Warwick.

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Econometrics Seminar - Xavier D'Haultfoueuille (CREST)

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Location: via Zoom
The title of the talk is "Identification and Estimation of average marginal effects in fixed effect logit models".
The schedule and the seminar zoom link are on the google sheet:

This Econometrics Seminar is hosted by Bristol.

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Research Impact

Our research seeks to generate knowledge that can be used to strengthen economies and benefit societies around the world. From migration and trade to international development and preventing financial crises, we address some of the most pressing issues of our time and provide recommendations to policymakers and other stakeholders.

Our academics collaborate with organisations including the Bank of England, international and local governments, think tanks and NGOs. They are sought-after in public service roles, regularly providing advice to parliamentary committees and serving on government advisory boards.

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Working papers

Our Working Papers series feature new ideas and research from academics within the Department of Economics.

The vast majority of papers are available online, the earliest of which is from 1975. If a paper is unavailable online, hard copies can be requested free of charge.