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CAGE Associate Event: Economic History Workshop

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CAGE Associate Event: Economic History Workshop

This is an exclusive online event for our CAGE associates. The event takes place over two days (5–6 May). We have an exciting programme planned.

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Day 1 (5 May)


'The ends of 30 big depressions'

Kevin O'Rourke (Abu Dhabi)

'If you do not change your behaviour: Managing threats to state security in Lithuania under Soviet rule' (joint paper with Mark Harrison)

Eugenia Nazrullaeva (Glasgow)


'Flow of ideas: Economic societies and the rise of useful knowledge' (joint paper with Francesco Cinnirella and Julius Koschnick)

Erik Hornung (Cologne)

'The Smoot-Hawley Trade War' (joint paper with Kevin O'Rourke)

Kris Mitchener (Santa Clara)

Day 2 (6 May)

3:00-4:00 pm

'Enfranchisement, political participation and political competition: Evidence from colonial India' (joint paper with Guilhem Cassan and Rinchan Ali Mirza)

Lakshmi Iyer (Notre Dame)

'Gender gaps in Academia: Global evidence, 1900-1969' (joint paper with Alessandro Iaria and Carlo Schwarz)

Fabian Waldinger (Munich)

4:30-5:30 pm

'In the name of God! Religiosity and the transition to modern growth' (joint paper with Lars Harhoff Andersen)

Jeanet Bentzen (Copenhagen)

'Did railways affect literacy? Evidence from India' (joint paper with James Fenske)

Latika Chaudhary (Naval Post Graduate School)