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CAGE Policy Conference

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CAGE Policy Conference

Thursday, 27th June 2019
M1, WBS Teaching Centre and Radcliffe Conference Centre
The University of Warwick

The "Policy and the UK’s Competitive Advantage: Evidence from 10 Years of Research", conference discussed the impact on policy, and more broadly, of the research that CAGE researchers have been conducting since the centre began in January 2010.

The ESRC-funded centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE), based at the Department for Economics at the University of Warwick, completes 10 years of funding at the end of 2019. To mark this occasion, CAGE is hosting a policy impact day on Thursday 27 June at the University of Warwick.

The day featured sessions covering research specific to each of CAGE's four themes. The morning began with two thematic sessions. This was followed by a lunchtime keynote address on policy and uncertainty by Nick Bloom (Stanford University). After lunch, Dame Frances Cairncross chaired a Policy Panel about broad issues of productivity, competitive advantage and policy in the UK; the panellists included Tera Allas (McKinsey Center for Government), Nick Bloom (Stanford University), Nick Crafts (CAGE director) and Rebecca Riley (NIESR / ESCOE). The afternoon continued with the final two thematic sessions and concluded with a networking reception.

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CAGE Theme Day Conferences
25th June - 28th June

In addition to these events, CAGE ran theme-specific research workshops. These events (by invitation only), aimed at academics in the field, will present research in the various themes of CAGE. The programmes for these research workshops are available here:

Theme 1 Programme download here...Link opens in a new window 28th June 2019

Theme 2 Programme download here..Link opens in a new window.28th June 2019

Theme 3 Programme download here...Link opens in a new window 25th (PM) - 26th June 2019

Theme 4 Programme download here...Link opens in a new window 26th June 2019

CAGE Research
Theme 1: What Explains Comparative Long-run Growth Performance?

with Stephen Broadberry

Theme 2: How do culture and institutions help to explain development and divergence in a globalising world?

with Sharun Mukand

Theme 3: How can the measurement of wellbeing be improved and what are the implications for policy?

with Andrew Oswald and Daniel Sgroi

Theme 4: What are the Implications of Globalisation and Global Crises for Policymaking and for Economic and Political Outcomes in Western Democracies?

with Vera Troeger

If you require additional information please contact Jane Snape .