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Seminar Series

Date Speaker

18th June

Patrick O'Callaghan (University of Queensland)

Title: "Prudent case-based prediction when experience is lacking"

30th May

Larry Samuelson (Yale)

Title: “The Wisdom of a Confused Crowd: Model Based Inference”

May 23rd

Muhamet Yildiz (MIT)

Title: "Culture and Communication" with Rajiv Sethi

May 16th

Asher Wolinsky (Northwestern)

Title: “Auctions” by Invitation

May 9th

Jonathan Eaton (Penn State)

Title: "Firm-to-Firm Trade: Exports, Imports, and the Labor Market"

May 2nd

Tilman Borgers

Title: “Strategically Simple Mechanisms”

March 14th

Shengwu Li (Harvard)

Title: "Credible Mechanisms"

March 7th

Niko Matouschek (Northwestern Kellogg)

Title: “Communication in a Complicated World”

March 7th

David Levine (EUI and Washington University)
Title: "Peer Monitoring, Ostracism and the Internalization of Social Norms"

March 1st

Fabio Maccheroni
Title: TBC

February 28th

Bruno Strulovici (Northwestern)

Title: “Judicial Mechanism Design”

February 21st

Doron Ravid (Chicago)

Title: “Cheap Talk with Transparent Motives”

November 29th

Dezso Szalay (Bonn)
Title: "Delegated Expertise, Authority, and Communication"

November 22nd

Johannes Horner (Yale)
Title: "Keeping your story straight: Truthtelling and Liespotting"

November 16th

Piero Gottardi (EUI)
Title: "A Theory of Repurchase Agreements, Collateral Re-use and Repo Intermediation"

November 8th

Juuso Valimaki (Aalto)
Title: "All-Pay Auctions with Affiliated Values"

November 1th

Thomas Mariotti (Toulouse School of Economics)
Title: “Entry-Proofness and Market Breakdown under Adverse Selection"

October 25th

Stephen Morris (Princeton)
Title: "Crises: Equilibrium Shifts and Large Shocks"

October 18th

Prajit Kumar Dutta (Columbia)
Title: "A Welfare Theorem for Asynchronous Games with Transfers: Part II - Infinite Horizon"

October 11th

Frederic Koessler (PSE)
Title: "Competitive Information Design: The Statistic Case"

Date Speaker

June 7th

Qingmin Liu (Columbia)
Title: "Stable Belief and Stable Matching"

May 31st

Yuliy Sannikov (Stanford)
Title: "TBA"

May 10th

Heski Bar-Isaac (Toronto)
Title: "Adverse Selection, Efficiency and the Structure of Information"

May 3rd

Nageeb Ali (Penn State)
Title: "The Perverse Politics of Polarization"

April 26th

Alessandro Bonatti (MIT)
Title: "The Design and Price of Information"

March 15th

Pietro Ortoleva (Columbia)
Title: "Deliberately Stochastic"

March 8th

Wouter Dessein (Columbia)
Title: "Organizations with Power-hungry Agents"

March 1st

Alp Atakan (Koc)
Title: "Price Discovery with Costly Competitive Bidding"

February 22nd

Luca Anderlini (Georgetown)
Title: "Equilibrium Trust"

February 15th

Piero Gottardi (EUI)
Title: "Competing Mechanisms in Markets with Lemons"

November 30th

Jin Li (Kellogg)
Title: "TBA"

November 23rd

George Georgiadis (Kellogg)
Title: "Risk-Taking and Simple Contracts"

November 16th

Vasiliki Skreta (UCL)
Title: "Selling with Evidence"

November 9th

Ludovic Renou (Queen Mary)
Title: "Revealed Preferences over Risk and Uncertainty"

November 2nd

Jean-Paul Carvalho (UC Irvine)
Title: "Elite Identity and Political Accountability: A Tale of Ten Islands "

October 26th

Michael Powell (Kellogg)
Title: "Policies in Relational Contracts"

October 19th

Alvaro Sandroni (Kellogg)
Title: "TBA"

October 20th

Jacques Cremer (Toulouse)
Title: "The value of incumbency for heterogeneous platforms"