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Bulletin Summer 2013

The Warwick Economics Bulletin summarises recent research by the University of Warwick Department of Economics.

In the Summer edition now online:

  • Nicholas Crafts suggests what policy changes are needed for the UK to create the 21st -century equivalent of 19th -century Lancashire’s cluster success story.
  • Jonathan Cave and Christopher Doyle discuss the ‘policy portfolio’ that underlies successful economic clusters.
  • Sascha O. Becker casts the offshoring trend in a new light by examining the tasks that distinguish jobs going abroad from jobs that remain at home.
  • Mirko Draca explains why education and socio-economic programmes could be important crime-fighting tools.
  • Abhinay Muthoo and Siobhan Benita suggest ways in which researchers and policymakers can work together to improve governments, economies and societies.