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Experimental and Behavioural Economics

Experimental and Behavioural Economics

The Experimental and Behavioural Economics Research Group (EBERG) draws its membership from economists based at the Economics Department at Warwick who work in the fields of Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics and/or Subjective Wellbeing (“Happiness Economics”). Experimental methods are used in many fields of economics, including behavioural economics, public economics, labour economics, political economy, game theory, and financial economics. Behavioural economics is an attempt to understand decision-making in the context of the many psychological, cognitive and emotional factors that influence behaviour. Behavioural economists typically build on traditional economic models with insights from psychology or neuroscience. Since behavioural economics concerns the underlying motivations for behaviour it can be hard (though not impossible) to find data to support or develop behavioural theories without the use of experimental methods which explains the close relationship between the two fields.

Experimental and behavioural research are fundamentally interdisciplinary and this is reflected in the fact that the group is linked to other similar groups across the University of Warwick and beyond. DR@W is the overarching interdisciplinary group of all behavioural scientists in Warwick which, together with EBERG, also takes members from the Behavioural Science Group at Warwick Business School and behavioural and experimental psychologists based in the Psychology Department, and hosts a weekly seminar, the DR@W Forum. Many members of EBERG are also affiliated with Bridges, an interdisciplinary centre that includes behavioural and experimental work in its remit that also hosts regular seminars and workshops. Behaviour, Brain and Society is one of the University of Warwick’s global research priorities (GRPs) and the co-ordinator of EBERG sits on the board of the GRP. Several group members are actively involved in the ESRC CAGE centre. Theme 3 of CAGE is led by the co-ordinator of EBERG and has a special focus on subjective wellbeing.



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Thu 7 Jul, '22
DR@W Forum - Hybrid Session: Rich Shiffrin (Indiana)

Is it reasonable to study decision making quantitatively?

Thu 21 Jul, '22
DR@W Forum Online - Neo Poon (Bristol)

Details TBC

Thu 29 Sep, '22
DR@W Forum Special Session - (Re)Introducing the Behaviour, Brain and Society GRP: Supporting Decision Research @ Warwick

A special information session to mark the return of the GRP and discussing how we can help you get research done at Warwick. Ethics, research funding opportunities, research infrastructure, the SONA participation pool and the DR@W forum. This session may be of particular value to new behavioural researchers, post-docs and PhD students in any of the collaborating departments.