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2000 Publications

583: Members' Voting Power in the Governance of the International Monetary Fund
(December 2000, revised July 2002) Dennis Leech

582: Candidate Entry, Screen, and the Political Budget Cycle
(June 2000, revised August 2001) Eric Le Borgne and Ben Lockwood

581: Is Comprehensive Education Really Free? A Case Study of the Effects of Secondary School Admissions Policies on House Prices in One Local Area (December 2001) Dennis Leech and Erick Campos
To be published in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society)

580: Do Elections Always Motivate Incumbents?
(December 2000) Eric Le Borgne and Ben Lockwood

579: Computing Power Indices for Large Voting Games
(Revised July 2000) (revised July 2002) Dennis Leech

578: 'Reverse Hysteresis': R&D Investment with Stochastic Innovation
(May 1999) Helen Weeds

577: Sleeping Patents and Compulsory Licensing: An Options Analysis
(February 1999) Helen Weeds

576: Strategic Delay in a Real Options Model of R&D Competition
(September 2000) Helen Weeds

575: Networks, Options and Preemption
(June 2000)Robin Mason and Helen Weeds

574: A Nonscale Growth Model with R&D and Human Capital Accumulation
(November 2000) Maria-Joao Ribeiro

573: Buybacks of Domestic Debt in Public Debt Management
(October 2000) Silvia Marchesi

572: The Dummies' Guide to Lottery Design
(October 2000) Ian Walker and Juliet Young

571: Trade Bloc Formation Under Imperfect Competition
(Sept 2000) Paola Conconi

570:Green and Producer Lobbies: Enemies or Allies?
(Sept 2000) Paola Conconi

569: The Assignment of Powers in Federal and Unitary States (figs)
(June 2000) Ben Lockwood

568: Are People Willing to Pay to Reduce Others' Incomes
(August 2000) Daniel Zizzo and Andrew Oswald

567: Tax Competition and Tax Co-Ordination Under Destination and Origin Principles: A Synthesis
(July 2000) Ben Lockwood

566: Renegotiation of Social Contracts by Majority Rule
(August 2000) Dan Anderberg and Carlo Perroni

565: P-Star-Model Based Analysis of Inflation Dynamic in the Czech Republic (July 2000)
Jan Frait, Lubos Komarek, Lumir Kulhanek

564: Shareholder Voting Power and Ownership Control of Companies
(July 2000) Dennis Leech

563: An Empirical Comparison of the Performance of Classical Power Indices
(June 2000) Dennis Leech
To be published in Policial Studies, 1, 2002.

562: Asset Ownership and Investment Incentives Revisited
(May 2000) David De Meza and Ben Lockwood

561: Inconsequential Arbitrage
(April 2000) Frank H Page Jr, Myrna H. Wooders and Paulo K. Monteiro

560: Commuting in Great Britain in the 1990s
(April 2000) Andrew Benito and Andrew J. Oswald

559: Housing Subsidies and Work Incentives in Great Britain
(April 2000) Paul Bingley and Ian Walker

558: Issue Linkage and Issue Tie-in in Multilateral Negotiations
(April 2000) Paola Conconi and Carlo Perroni

557: Staggered Wages and Output Dynamic under Disinflation
(March 2000) Guido Ascari and Neil Rankin

556: Cartel Stability and Product Differentiation: How Much do the Size of the Cartel and the Size of the Industry Matter?
(April 2000) Pedro Posada

555: Micro Evidence on Human Capital as the Engine of Growth (figure 1) (figure 2)
(March 2000) Philip Trostel

554: Education and Work (Figures)
(March 2000) Philip Trostel and Ian Walker

553: Measuring Social Capital: Culture as an Explanation of Italy's Economic Dualism
(February 2000) Francesco L Galassi
Published in European Review of Economic History, 1, 1 April 2000, pp 29-59.

552: Output Risk in Tuscan Agriculture in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
(February 2000) Francesco L. Galassi and Stephen Pudney

551: A Penny for your Thoughts: email and the under-valuation of expert time
(February 2000) Chris Willmore

550: Gradualism and Irreversibility (Figures 1, 2 and 3)
(February 2000) Ben Lockwood and Jonathan P. Thomas

548: Can Green Lobbies Replace a World Environmental Organization?
(January 2000) Paola Conconi

547: Useful Government Spending, Direct Crowding Out and Fiscal Policy Interdependence
(January 2000) Giovanni Ganelli