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2004 publications

The Warwick Economics Research Paper Series (TWERPS)

Recent copies of the Warwick Economics Research Papers are all available on line. Hard copies of earlier papers are available free of charge. If you wish to obtain a copy, please contact Margaret Nash, quoting the Research Paper number.

To access the paper abstract, click on the Research Paper number. To view, download or print the paper itself using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from the Adobe site), click on the Research Paper title. If you would prefer to browse through all the abstracts click on the paper number.




718 Voting Power in the Bretton Woods Institutions Dennis Leech and Robert Leech
717 Are Hard Budget Constraints for Sub-National Governemnts Always Efficient Martin Besfamille and Ben Lockwood
716 Voting Power and Voting Blocs Dennis Leech and Robert Leech
715 Comparative Statics and Laws of Scarcity for Games Alexander Kovalenkov and Myrna Wooders
714 Do Elections Always Motivate Incumbents? Learning vs Career Concerns Eric Le Borgne and Ben Lockwood
713 Referendum-led Immigration Policy in the Welfare State Yuji Tamura
712 Tax Incidence, Majority Voting and Capital Market Integration Ben Lockwood and Miltiadis Makris
711 Interpersonal Comparisons of Well-Being Charles Blackorby and Walter Bossert
710 Multi-Profile Welfarism: A Generalisation Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert and David Donaldson
709 Capital Taxation in a Simple Finite-Horizon OLG Model Charles Blackorby and Craig Brett
708 Taxes and Employment Subsidies in Optimal Redistribution Programs Paul Beaudry and Charles Blackorby
707 Anonymous Single-Profile Welfarism Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert and David Donaldson
706 Understanding the Effects of Early Motherhood in Britain: The effects on mothers Greg Kaplan, Alissa Goodman and Ian Walker
705 Testing for Utility Inderdependence in Marriage: Evidence from Panel Data Nattavudh Powdthavee
704 Horizontal and Vertical Indirect Tax Competition: Theory and Some Evidence form the USA Michael P Devereux, Ben Lockwood and Michaela Redoano
703 Too Much Investment: A Problem of Coordination Failure David de Meza and Ben Lockwood
702 Farsightedly Basic Networks Frank H. Page, Myrna H. Wooders and Samir Kamut
701 On Purification of Equilibrium in Bayesian Games and Ex-Post Nash Equilibrium Edward Cartwright and
Myrna Wooders
700 Survival of the Small Firm and the Entrepreneur under Demand and Efficiency Uncertainty Manuel G. Flores-Romero
699 Warfare and Welfare? Understanding 19th and 20th Century Central Government Spending Jari Eloranta
698 Scoring Rule Voting Games and Dominance Solvability Lucia Buenrostro and Amrita Dhillon
697 Political Parties and Coalition Formation Amrita Dhillon
696 A Small Macroeconomic Model of Trade and Inflation in Ghana Samuel Donyina Ameyaw
695 Testing for Seasonal Unit Roots in Heterogeneous Panels Jesus Otero, Jeremy Smith and Monica Giulietti
694 Sensitivity of the Chi-Squared Goodness-of-fit Test to the Partitioning of Data Gianna Boero, Jeremy Smith and Kenneth F. Wallis