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Recent Publications

  • Education and work, Education Economics, May 2006 (with P Trostel).
  • Child Support and Partnership Dissolution, Economic Journal, March 2006 (with Yu Zhu).
  • Wages, work and welfare, German Economic Review, July 2005 (with P Bingley and Y Zhu).
  • Welfare-to-work, wages and wage growth, Fiscal Studies, September 2005 (with R Lydon).
  • Does Education Raise Productivity, or Just Reflect it? Economic Journal November 2004 (with A Chevalier, C Harmon and Y Zhu).
  • Sheepskin effects in working behaviour, Applied Economics September 2004 (with P Trostel).
  • The Returns to Education: Microeconomics, Journal of Economic Surveys, March 2003 (with C Harmon).
  • Education, Earnings and Productivity – Recent UK Evidence, Labour Market Trends March 2003 (with Y Zhu).
  • WFTC: A Review of the Issues and Evidence, Economie Publique, 11, 77-127, 2003 (with R Blundell).
  • Dispersion in the Economic Return to Schooling, Labour Economics, 2003 (with Vincent Hogan)
  • Estimates of the Economic Return to Schooling for 28 Countries, Labour Economics, 2002 (with Philip Trostel and Paul Woolley)
  • Housing Subsidies and Work Incentives, Economic Journal, May 2001 (with P Bingley)
  • Household Unemployment and the Labour Supply of Married Women, Economica, 2001(with P Bingley)
  • An Economists Guide to Lottery Design, Economic Journal, 2000 (with J Young)
  • The Demand for Lotto and The Role of Rollovers and Conscious Selection, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2000 (with G Lanot, L Farrell and R Hartley)
  • The Returns to Quality and Quantity of Education: Evidence for Men in England and Wales, Economica, 2000 (with C Harmon)
  • Child Support Reform: the Effects of the 1999 White Paper, Fiscal Studies, 2000 (with G Paull and Y Zhu).
  • The Measurement of Household Welfare in Labour Supply Models with Non-linear Budget Constraints, Journal of Population Economics, 1999 (with I Preston).
  • A Time Series Analysis of UK Lottery Sales: Long and Short Run Price Elasticities, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 1999 (with L Farrell and E Morgenroth).
  • The Marginal and Average Returns to Education, European Economic Review, 1999 (with C Harmon ).
  • The Welfare Effects of Lotto: Evidence from the UK, Journal of Public Economics, 1999 (with L Farrell).
  • The Economics of Lotteries, Economic Policy, 1998.
  • The Union/Non-Union Wage Differential: Semiparametric Evidence, Journal of Econometrics, 1998 (with G Lanot).
  • The Labour Supply, Unemployment and Participation of Lone Mothers in In-Work Transfer Programmes, Economic Journal, 1997 (with P Bingley).
  • Estimates of the Economic Return to Schooling for the UK, Amercian Economic Review, 1995 (with C Harmon).
  • Child Support Reform and the Labour Supply of Lone Mothers in the UK, Journal of Human Resources, 1995 (with P Bingly, G Lanot and E Symons).