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Journal of Public Economic Theory

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Public Economic Theory is dedicated to the publication of outstanding theoretical work in all areas of public finance. The Journal judges the quality of submissions on the basis of their creativity and rigor and therefore imposes neither upper nor lower bound on the complexity of the techniques employed. Subjects which are central to the focus of the Journal include but are not limited to: public goods, local public goods, club economies, externalities, taxation, growth, public choice, social and public decision making, voting, market failure, regulation, project evaluation, equity, and political systems. Examples of theoretical approaches which the Journal is especially interested in encouraging include general equilibrium theory, game theory, evolution, experimentation, control theory and dynamics, simulation, axiomatic characterization, and first order and comparative static methods. The Journal is devoted mainly to the publication of original research, but will also consider short notes, comments, survey papers, retrospectives, and exposita.

The Journal of Public Economic Theory (JPET) publishes theoretical papers in all areas of public economics. JPET will consider survey articles notes, comments, exposita, and retrospectives as well as original research papers. To submit a paper send four copies to the editorial office at the following address:

John Conley
Journal of Public Economic Theory
Department of Economics
1206 South Sixth Street
University of Illinois
Champaign, IL 61820



Editorial Assistant: Miki Naoko,


A PDF version of the statement of purpose and a list of the editorial board is available here