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Fiscal Competition: Theory and Policy

Call for papers
Special issue on:
Fiscal Competition: Theory and Policy
Guest editor:
David Wildasin

The Journal of Public Economic Theory plans to publish a special issue devoted the theory and policy implications of fiscal competition. Submissions dealing with any aspect of this topic are invited. The Journal is broadly interested in analyses of fiscal interactions among governments (both horizontal and vertical), the implications for fiscal policy of factor mobility in particular and, more generally, of exposure to external markets, the issues of policy harmonization and coordination, and the design and evolution of public-sector institutions through which intergovernmental competition or coordination are effected. These issues are relevant both for subnational governments and at the international level, and theoretical analyses intended for application in any of these contexts are welcome. The journal encourages submissions that involve significant departures from, as well as extensions of, the existing literature on tax, expenditure, and regulatory competition. For example, studies that incorporate dynamic modeling, macroeconomic dimensions of fiscal competition and intergovernmental fiscal relations, explicit treatment of political economy and public choice, or novel game-theoretic approaches are encouraged.

Submissions should be sent directly to the editorial office in Champaign with a cover letter indicating that they are intended for this special issue. They will be immediately forwarded to Professor Wildasin for editing.

Deadline for submissions:

November 1, 2000