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Contents of Volume 1


Contents of Volume 1

Volume 1, Number 1


John P. Conley and Myrna Holtz Wooders

Public Economic Theory


Thomas J. Nechyba

School Finance Induced Migration and Stratification Patterns: The Impact of Private School Vouchers

Firouz Gahvari and Helmuth Cremer

Uncertainty, Commitment and Optimal Taxation

Theodore C. Bergstrom

Systems of Benevolent Utility Functions

Mamoru Kaneko and Akihiko Matsui

Inductive Game Theory: Discrimination and Prejudice


William Thomson

Economies with Public Goods: An Elementary Geometric Exposition


Program for the May, 1998 Meetings of the Association for Public EconomicTheory  


Volume 1, Number 2


Philippe Michel and Pierre Pestieau

Fiscal Policy when Individuals Differ with Regard to Altruismand Labor Supply

Jan Brueckner

Fiscal Federalism and Capital Accumulation

Hurwicz, Leo

Revisiting Externalities

Holger Meinhardt

Common Pool Games are Convex Games

Jose Alcalde, Luis C. Corchon and Bernardo Moreno

Pigouvian Taxes: A Strategic Approach

Volume 1, Number 3

Robin Boadway and Motohiro Sato

Information Acquisition and Government Intervention in Credit Markets

Ali Khan

Ioffe's Normal Cone and the Foundations of Welfare Economics

Charles de Bartolome

Integrating Tax Distortions and Externality Theory

Charles Blackorby

Partial Equilibrium Welfare Analysis

Robert Gilles and Kyungdong Hahn

Economies with Multiple Public Projects


Euston Quah and Khye Chong Tan

Cost Benefit Analysis with Uncertain Cash Flow and Project Life

Volume 1, Number 4


Jean-Jacques Laffont and David Martimort

Collusion-Proof Samuelson Conditions for Public Goods

Ines Macho-Stadler, Pau Olivella, and David Perez-Castrillo

Tax Amnesties in a Dynamic Model of Tax Evasion

Donald E. Campbell and Jerry S. Kelly

A Democracy Principle and Strategy-Proofness

Jean J. Gabszewicz and Lisa Grazzini

Taxing Market Power

Richard Cornes, Roger Hartley and Todd Sandler

Equilibrium Existence and Uniqueness in Public Goods Models: and Elementary Proof via Contractions

Alessandro Balestrino

User Charges as Redistributive Devices

Call for Papers

Kenneth Judd and Scott Page, Guest Editors

Special issue on Computational Models in Public Economic Theory