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Contents of Volume 2


Contents of Volume 2

Volume 2, Number 1



Gabrielle Demange and Guy Laroque

Social Security, Optimality and Equilibria in a Stochastic Overlapping Generations Economy

Andreas Lange and Till Requate

Pigouvian Taxes in General Equilibrium with a Fixed Tax Redistribution Rule

Jean Mercier Ythier

The Effectiveness of Distributive Policy in a Competitive Economy

Yan Chen

Electoral Systems, Legislative Process and Income Taxation

M. Martin Boyer

Insurance Taxation and Insurance Fraud

Michael Landsberger, Dov Monderer, and Irit Talmor

Feasible Net Income Distributions under Income Tax Evasion: An Equilibrium Analysis

Call for Papers

David Wildasin, Guest Editor

Special issue on Fiscal Competition: Theory and Policy

Volume 2, Number 2

Nir Dagan and Oscar Volij

Formation of Nations in a Welfare-State Minded World

Y.H. Farzin and P. M. Kort

Pollution Abatement Investment When Environmental Regulation Is Uncertain

Philippe Marin and Carol Ann Rogers

Optimal Stabilization Policy in the Presence of Learning by Doing

Paul J. Beck, Jon S. Davis, Woon-Oh Jung

Taxpayer Disclosure and Penalty Laws

JunJie Wu

Input Substitution and Pollution Control under Uncertainty and Firm Heterogeneity

Volume 2, Number 3

Jonathon Hamilton and Steven Slutsky

Decentralizing Allocation and Distribution by Separation with Information Transfers

M. Socorro Puy

Lobby Groups and the Financial Support of Election Campaigns

You-Quiag Wang and Kai-Yuen Tsui

Polarization Orderings and new Classes of Polarization Indices

Faysal Mansouri and Slim Ben-Youseff

Regulation and Coordination of International Environmental Externalities with Incomplete Information and Costly Public Funds

Volume 2, Number 4


Stephen J. Turnovsky

Government Policy in a Stochastic Growth Model with Elastic Labor Supply

Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff, and Maurice Manrchand

Optimal Income Taxation with Quasi-linear Preferences Revisited

Peter Strueufert

The Effect of Underclass Social Isolation on Schooling Choice

Luis C. Corchon

On the Allocative Effects of Rent Seeking


Arthur C. Brooks

Genetic Algorithms and Public Economics

Calls for papers:

Kenneth Judd and Scott Page, Guest Editors

Special Issue on Computational Models in Public Economic Theory

David Wildasin, Guest Editor

Special Issue on: Fiscal Competition: Theory and Policy