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Special Issue of Games and Economic Behavior




Special Issue of GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR in honor of

Martin Shubik

Guest Editors: Rabah Amir, Robert John Aumann, James Peck and Myrna Wooders


Martin Shubik has made fundamental contributions to both game theory and economics. His research has focused on the underlying abstractions of game theory and mathematical economics combined with an emphasis on understanding actual institutions and processes. His major research has been on the theory of games and its relationship to strategic behavior, the theory of money and financial institutions (how and why they are created and destroyed--and their social purpose), and more recently the economics of cultural institutions. His research in applications of game theory in the social sciences has been remarkably broad. His 1959 book, Strategy and Market Structure laid foundations for numerous applications of game theory to Industrial Organization. Martin Shubik is the author of approximately twenty books and over 200 articles. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, and also of both the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, in addition to other prestigious organizations. Among his many editorial and professional activities, Martin Shubik is one of the founding members of the Game Theory Society and has served on the Advisory Board of the International Journal of Game Theory. A special issue of Games and Economic Behavior is being produced to celebrate Martin Shubik’s contributions to game theory and economics. We are soliciting contributions to this volume in his areas of research. Contributions with clear connections to Shubik’s published work are especially encouraged. (For a complete list, we refer the reader to Shubik’s home page at )

Contributions should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The contributions should be in the research areas described above, broadly defined.
  • Three copies of the submitted paper should be sent to the journal editorial office following the standard GEB process outlined in the back of the journal or see and select "Guide for Authors" near the top of the page. In addition (but not as a substitute) please email an electronic copy of the paper and the submission cover letter to
  • The submission letters should indicate that the authors wish to be considered for the Shubik issue. Priority will be given to papers arriving before September 1, 2004; subsequent papers will be considered at the discretion of the guest editors. The target publication date is Spring 2006. We will make every effort to meet this target.
  • All submitted papers will be refereed by the usual GEB standards and procedures.
  • At the discretion of the authors and the editors, accepted papers may be converted to regular GEB accepted papers at any time prior to final typesetting.
  • For further information contact Myrna Wooders by email,