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Multijurisdictional Economies: Trade and Tax/Amenity Competition

This research project is sponsored by the ESRC as part of its research programme Understanding the Evolving Macro Economy, directed by Mark Taylor


Principal Investigator:

Myrna Wooders

Co Investigators:

Michael Devereux, John Whalley

Other Investigators:

Amrita Dhillon, Ben Lockwood

Research Associates:

Michela Redondo and Ben Zissimos

Students who contributed towards the objectives of the grant:

Lloyd Barton,Lucia Buenestro, Pedro Martins and Paul Randle

Award Details
Award type: 27 Full research award
Award institution: University of Warwick - English University
Award department: Department of Economics
Award discipline(s): 1 ; Economics
Start date: 01 December 2000
End date: 30 November 2002
Award number: L138251049

Multijurisdictional Economies: Trade and Tax/AmenityCompetition. For abstract click here