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Group Formation in Economics: Networks, Clubs and Coalitions



Part 1: Strategic Approach to Network Formation

1. Matthew Jackson, California Institute of Technology

A Survey on Models of Network Formation; Stability and Efficiency

2. Anne van den Nouweland, University of Oregon

Models of Network Formation in Cooperative Games

3. Frank H. Page, Jr and Samir Kamat, University of Alabama

Farsighted Stability in Network Formation

4. Sanjeev Goyal, University of Essex

Learning in Networks

Part 2: On Equilibrium Formation of Groups: A Theoretical Assessment

5. Gabrielle Demange, DELTA, EHESS

Group Formation: The Interaction of Increasing Returns and Prefernces Diversity

6. Alexander Kovalenkov and Myrna Wooders, University of North Carolina and University of Warwick

Games and Economies with Near Exhaustion of Gains to Scale

7. John Conley and Stefani Smith, Vanderbilt University and Lander University

Coalitions and Clubs: Tiebout Equilibrium in Large Economies

8. Michel Le Breton and Sholmo Weber, IDEI, University of Toulouse 1 and Southern Methodist University

Secession-Proof Cost Allocations and Stable Group Structures in Models of Horizontal Differentiation

Part 3: Groups, Clubs, Alliances in Political and Economic Environments

9. Amrita Dhillon, University of Warwick

Political Parties and Coalition Formation

10. Mika Widgren, Turku School of Economics, Finland

Design of Constitutional Rules: Banzhof Power Index, Design of Rules

11. Francis Bloch, GREQAM, University of Aix-Marseilles II

Group and Network Formation in Industrial Organisation: A Survey

12. Carlo Carraro, FEEM, University of Venice

Institution Design for Managing Global Commons. Lessons from Coalition Theory

13. Fernando Jaramillo, Hubert Kempf and Fabien Moizeau, University of Andes, University of Paris I and University of Toulouse

Inequality and Growth Clubs

14. Garance Genicot and Debraj Ray, University of California, Irvine and New York University

Informal Insurance, Enforcement Constraints, and Group Formation

15. Marcel Fafchamps, University of Oxford

Spontaneous Market Emergence and Social Networks