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Local Accomodation Information

The main conference hotel will be the 4 star Friendship Hotel; see: . Prices for standard rooms are $60.00 (or less).

We also will propose, for those wanting to enjoy more luxury, the 5 star hotel Here is a registration form. Individuals choosing this (or other) alternatives to the main conference hotel will have to provide their own transportation. This web site has other interesting information.

Undates of this information will appear as arrangements are made.

Some more information about Hotels in Beijing: Here is a list of five stars Hotels in Beijing grouped by the location:

City centre

Beijing Hotel (125)

Grant Hyatt Hotel (220)

Grant Hotel (160)

Tianlun Dynasty Hotel (105)

Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn (90)

Prime Hotel (85)

Palace Hotel (170)


Great Wall Sheraton Hotel (150)

Kerry Center (175)

China World Hotel (195)

Hilton Hotel (150)

Kempinski Hotel (170)


Shangri-la Hotel (170)

Century Golden Resources Hotel (70)

Jade Palace Hotel (80)

(..) indicates rough dollar price.

Here are some websites for booking: and

Some comments from Myrna Wooders First, let me note that taxis in Beijing are not expensive relative to the US or the UK. Also, the hotels are very helpful with non-Chinese speakers. I found it very easy to get around. Regarding the hotels, from a tour of the Friendship Hotel my impression is that it is quite satisfactory -- not 5*, but then neither is the price. I've not visited the Shangri La but have stayed in another 5* hotel in Beijing and it was wonderful. Relative to hotels in major cities in the US and Europe, both hotels are probably bargains.

My understanding is that the standard in China for a double room is usually a room with two single beds. So if you do want a double bed, best to say so.

On August 25th, the Guanghua School will be running a mini-bus back and forth from the airport to the hotels.