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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that have arisen and responses

Q1. I am to receive some partial funding. Do I still need to pay the registration fee?

R1. Yes, unless you work primarily at an academic institution in mainland China, in which case the Guanghua School of Management will cover your registration fee. After the conference is over, please submit those expenses covered by your grant to APET (the Vanderbilt office).

Q2. How, when and where do I pay for the Friendship Hotel?

R2. Please sign up for the Friendship Hotel when you register, if you choose to stay there. Pay the hotel when you are there (unless your hotel is being subsidized directly by the Guanghua School of Management, GSM).

Q2a. Is my hotel being subsidized by the GMS?

R2’. Sorry! If it is, you would have already been notified.

Q3. Could I have more funding since my university will not cover everything (or since I am a PhD student or for other reason).

R3. We are sorry to say that our funding will not cover substantial travel expenses and our funding for local expenses has already been allocated.

Q4. I would like my spouse (partner, friend, mother or someone else) to come to PET 04 with me. Is it possible for him to book in the Friendship Hotel?

R4. Yes, of course. He could register for a room of his own (with the hotel directly) or he could share your room (there may be a relatively small additional charge for a shared room). If you would like him to share your room, you might want to indicate that you would like a double bed (of course this is not for us to say).

Q4a. Does he have to pay the registration fee?

R4. No, not unless he is giving a paper, chairing a session, or so on. But if you do want him to join the conference dinner, or the day trip then there are additional charges, as indicated on the registration form.

Q5. I have already made my own reservation at the Friendship Hotel for a room. What should I do?

R5. What do you think? In this situation I myself would let the hotel know that I am a participant in PET 04, fill out the registration form for the Friendship Hotel when I registered, and include in the comments the information that I already registered directly with the hotel. Or your might just leave it all as is.

Q6. Will it help me get more funding if I write to the organizers in China?

R6. It seems extremely unlikely, unless there is some reason why they would be interested in having you participate and wish to find funds for this. For example, I think that being a Chinese graduate student with a paper accepted for presentation, no matter how brilliant it might be, would not warrant approaching the Organizing Committee members in China.