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Local Information

  • Currency: Chinese currency is called Renminbi, that means "people's currency". The popular unit of Renminbi is Yuan. The official exchange rate between US Dollar and Yuan is currently about 1 : 8.29 (1.00 US Dollar = 8.29 Yuan), while for the GBP is about 1 : 15.1 (1.00 GBP = 15.1 Yuan). 1 Yuan is equal to 10 Jiao, 1 Jiao is equal to 10 Fen. Chinese currency is issued in the following denominations: one, two, five, ten, fifty and one hundred Yuan; one, two, and five Jiao; and one, two, and five Fen.
  • Civil Electrical Power: AC 220 V, 50Hz. Adapters can be purchased at the Airport or directly (and also at a cheaper price) at the PKU campus.