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Special Sessions

A number of special sessions will be organized. Those already in progress include:

(Please click on the title of the session for more details)


Policy Issues in China

  Eric Girardin (University of the Mediterranean II) Macroeconomic Policy in China
Mohamed El-Hodiri (University of Kansas) Structural Economic Dynamics and China
Friedrich Schneider (Johannes Kepler University of Linz) Shadow Economies of China and Asia

Taxation and Fiscal Policy

Stephen Turnovsky (University of Washington) Optimal Tax Policy and Economic Growth
William A. Barnett (University of Kansas) Fiscal Rules and Public Finance
John Ledyard (California Institute of Technology) Optimal Taxation
Ping Wang (Vanderbilt University) Fiscal Policy and Economic Development and Dynamic Public Policy
  Jacques Thisse (CORE, Louvain-la-Neuve) Taxation and Geography

Markets and Welfare

Cuong Le Van (CERMSEM and Paris I) and Robert Becker (Indiana University) Markets, Public Policy and Economic Growth

Julio Davila (University of Pennsylvania) Bargaining and Markets
Nicholas Gravel (University of Aix-Marseille II GREQAM) New Theories of Equity and Equality

Topics in Public Economics

Hubert Kempf (EUREQua and Paris I) Local Public Economics
Andrew Daughety (Vanderbilt University) Law and Economics
Gilbert Faccarello (University of Paris II) History of Public Economic

Topics in Political Economics

Massimo Morelli (Ohio State University) Endogenous Affirmative Action
Norman Schofield (Washington University) Formal Models in Politics

New Technologies and Public Economics

John Conley (Vanderbilt University) New Technologies and Economic Approaches in Publishing and Scholarly Communication
Christian Seidl (University of Kiel) The Performance of Peer Review of Learned Journals and Its Reform

Coalition Formation and Networks

Rajiv Vohra (Brown University) Coalition Formation
Frank Page (University of Alabama) Network Formation
Ping Wang (Vanderbilt University) Coalition and Incentive Mechanism

Behavioural Economics

Soo Hong Chew (Hong Kong University of Science and Technlogy) Individual Identity
  John Wooders (University of Arizona) Experiments in Economics
Marie-Claire Villeval (GATE, CNRS, University of Lyon) Experiments in Public Economics