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Experiments in Public Economics

Here is the list of speakers and titles of papers for the session: Experiments in Public Economics

Session Chair: Marie-Claire Villeval

  • Charles Noussair (Emory University): "Combining Monetary and Social Sanctions to Promote Cooperation"
  • Simon Gaechter (University of St. Gallen): "Heterogenous Motivations in Voluntary Contributions to Public Goods", (with Urs Fischbacher, University of Zurich)
  • Claude Montmarquette (University of Montreal): "Using Laboratory Experiments to Observe Tax Compliance Through Different Monitoring Schemes", (with David Masclet and Chatleen Johnson, CIRANO)
  • Marie-Claire Villeval (GATE, CNRS and University of Lyon 2),: "Tax Evasion and Social Interactions: An Experimental Approach", (with Guy Lacroix and Bernard Fortin, CIRPEE and University Laval Quebec)